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Uma das principais vantagens da terceirização de diaristas y o o contractante destined to alguém a tarefa de recrutar e selecionar pessoas competentes.



Who owns or owns houses knows that homes need constant repairs and maintenance, such as: electrician, painter, plumber, general services and so on.


Outsource with the Trevizan Group:
the ideal formula for a successful partnership.


Several studies prove the worldwide tendency to outsource labor in various segments of the market.

Recently this was intensified with the Labor Reform and the new laws that allowed an even greater flexibilization in hiring.

For this reason, having the support of Trevizan Group’s integrated services management is guaranteed to be a successful partnership so that you focus on what you do best, generating greater productivity and positive results.

And, especially, bringing benefits that will make your entire team much more satisfied.

Cleanliness and conservation

The first impression is the one that stays, the attention and the benefits in its clients and its …

Privacy Policy

We know the importance of concierge and security services because they are the first contact your clients or …

Administrative Workforce

O Grupo Trevizan has a team prepared to handle the main administrative functions in hospitals, condominiums, industries, commerce, …


What is there to become a fast, simplified and lowest cost acquisition company is necessary for professionals to …

Electronic Monitoring

We operate with electronic monitoring, developing a proposal adapted according to the structure of the environment, bringing preventive …

Gardening & Landscaping

Our professionals have the expertise and technical expertise to transform simple gardens into pleasant and colorful environments. The …

Treatment and Conservation

We bring to customers in internal and external areas such as: shopping, hypermarkets, offices, logistics, factories, among others. …

Information Technology – It

Regardless of the branch or door of your company IT is present and maintaining services internally is highly …

Marketing Outsourcing

With the market becoming more competitive, marketing becomes essential to the success of the company. Outsourced marketing brings …

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